Sbo quantum leap project

In a short span of four months since the launch of SBO on 15 June 2019, over a million users have embraced the blockchain asset management platform to build a global consensus, and realized the 7 key benefits of the S BLOCK ecosystem. Many users came on board recently due to the initiation of DAO and impending exchange listing. With the strong bull market, the first phase of SBO Private Placement period was a huge success! More than 1.87 million users purchased over 200 million SBO. The Foundation expresses its congratulations to all SBO holders!

We are currently preparing for our exchange listing in December. SBO will officially enter its second phase: “SBO QUANTUM LEAP” tomorrow (28 October 2019). The brand new crypto-ecology will increase the internal conversion compound interest, bringing greater benefits for all users.

Prior to the SBO QUANTUM LEAP phase, the assets of all global users in the S BLOCK Interstellar Wallet as of 27 October 2019 14:00 (GMT+2) will undergo a data consolidation process. It will be completed by 00:00 (GMT+2) later. During the process, all operations (including deposit, swap, withdrawal, master staking, cancellation of staking, etc.) will be suspended. After the data consolidation, user assets will be allocated as follows:

[28 October 2019]

* Staked Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DASH, HT, OKB) in S-KEY will be converted to “USDS”. USDS value = USD1 per token;

*The USDS will be converted at a more favourable rate with no conversion fees based on below 2 factors, whichever is higher:

(1) Unit price during master staking time

(2) Current market value during the data consolidation process later

*Cryptocurrencies kept in S Wallet ~ “Asset” will be converted to USDS based on 120% of its current market value during the data consolidation process later with no conversion fees.

[6 November 2019]

*Staked ATO in S-KEY will be converted to USDS at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees;

*ATO in S-Wallet ~ Asset can directly be transferred to Plan Flash (including ATO at DAO Portal, and future generated ATO);

*Staked L, L-F and VTO in S-KEY, after the deduction of collected revenue will be equally divided into 10 portions, and will be converted to USDS every day for consecutive 10 days (6-15 November 2019) at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees;

*Staked FTO will directly be converted to USDS at 1:1 ratio with no conversion fees (future FTO will continue to be released on the 10th day of each month, and can be transferred to Plan Flash)

[15 November 2019]

*All global SBO holders will receive an additional 15% of their current SBO holdings during the data consolidation process later. The additional SBO will be deposited directly into users’ accounts on 15 November 2019;

*The brand-new “SBO QUANTUM LEAP” will be launched! SBO value will continue to rise steadily via the new Crypto-Ecology System!


*USDS can be converted to SBO any time at the prevailing SBO price with no conversion fees

*Any USDS balance will be converted to SBO automatically at the prevailing SBO price on 15 November 2019 with no conversion fees.

*SBO, FTO, ATO and other cryptocurrencies can be invested in Plan Flash to have higher gain on your asset.

S BLOCK Foundation

27 October 2019

自2019年6月15日SBO上线以来,在短短的四个多月内,全球过百万用户积极拥抱区块链技术,协力打造万倍共识,坚韧切实的贯彻S BLOCK的7大生态收益建设,尤其是DAO计划以及私募期倒数发布后大量用户短时间内蜂拥而至一度造成平台拥堵,在全球市场的热烈支持下,基金会正式宣布:SBO第一阶段私募期大获成功!超过187万用户最终将2亿余的SBO抢购一空。基金会对所有抢购到SBO的用户表示衷心祝贺!

迈向未来,我们将为12月上市进一步做好准备,明日(2019年10月28日)SBO将正式迈入第二阶段:“SBO星跃计划” (SBO QUANTUM LEAP)。计划启动后将引入全新的数字生态,提供更优秀的内转化复利方案,为全球用户带来进一步的资产飞升契机!

在星跃计划开始前,全球用户截至2019月10月27日瑞士14:00 (GMT+2) 在S BLOCK星际钱包内的所有资产将经过后台系统数小时的数据整理,于瑞士时间凌晨00:00 (GMT+2) 完成。数据整理期间,所有操作 [包括存入 (deposit)、闪兑 (swap)、转出 (withdrawal)、启动量化 (master staking)、取消量化 (cancel staking) 等] 将暂停使用。数据整理完毕,公募期开始后,用户们的资产将获分配如下:


* S-KEY内已启动星际量化的主流货币本金 (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DASH, HT, OKB) 将直接转换成全新 “USDS” 单位。USDS价格 = $1美金/枚;

* USDS的转换方式将按以下两个条件取较高值兑换,兑换无手续费:

(1) 启动量化时价格;

(2) 稍后数据整理期当下市场价格

* S钱包 “资产” 内主流货币将按数据整理期当下价格 x 120%,转换成USDS,转换无手续费


* S-KEY内已启动星际量化的ATO本金将以1 : 1 方式直接转换成USDS,无转换手续费;

*S钱包 “资产” 内的ATO单位可直接参与闪电计划 (包括DAO平台尚未使用的ATO,以及未来合成的ATO都能直接参与);

*S-KEY内已启动星际量化的L, L-F, VTO本金, 扣除已获收益,余额将分10天 (2019年11月06 ~ 15日), 以1 : 1方式每天转换 10% 至USDS,无转换手续费;

* 账户内FTO本金将以1 : 1 方式直接转换成USDS,无转换手续费 (尚未释放的FTO将继续保持每月10日释放,届时可直接参与闪电计划 Plan Flash);


* 全球每一位SBO持有者将根据数据整理期间账户内SBO总数,额外获得 15% 单位配送,并于11月15日直接释放至用户们账户内;

*全新 “SBO 星跃计划” (SBO QUANTUM LEAP) 正式启动!通过此计划内的全新数字生态,SBO 价格将持续上涨!


* 用户们所持有的USDS单位可随时按SBO当下价格和基金会兑换成SBO (不可逆向兑换),,无转换手续费

* 任何USDS余额,将于2019-11-15当日由系统按当下价格自动转换成SBO,无手续费

* SBO,FTO,ATO和其他主流货币可直启动闪电计划以获得复利倍增

S BLOCK 基金会  启