S Block Wallet registration steps and download app

Important Update 2019-10-29: https://sblockdappwallet.com/category/s-block-news/ Please read carefully steps by steps registration and download the app.

2 Steps:

Step 1: Register the SBlock app

Step 2 Download the app

1st step: Registration

  1. Register link here or QR code to scan
  2. Registration link click HERE . Our referral code 126103230 Thanks (require to fill).
  3. OR Scan Bar code below to register.

3. First row, fill up your username. Username can be your mobile phone number or in words. Minimum 8-16 characteristic which must include number and alphabet

4. Select the country your mobile phone registered (country code)

5. Write your mobile phone without country code (if your phone number is +44012345678. you key in 12345678. As long as you can receive sms for verification.

6. Press verification code and waiting for the SMS to send you a code. After receive sms, enter the 4 digits code.

7. Personal information: 1) Your real name 2) Your email address 3) Your ID number 4) Referral code: 126103230 Thank for join our team.

8. Set your login password twice to confirm correct. Login password must be 8-16 combination of alphabet and numbers. Note: many people forgot password, it is better to use your car or ID number. It is impossible to forget your car number.

9. Set your transaction password twice to confirm correct. Transaction password must be 8-16 combination of alphabet and numbers.

That’s all. Continue the next step below.

Next, Download wallet app steps:

  1. Here is the download link: https://app.sblock.com/

2. Click APK file icon if you use Android phone

Click APP STORE icon if you use iPhone

3. When you click the the icon, it will show link 1 and link 2, just try the link 1 in the first place and if cannot work, try click link 2.

4. Copy and open the browser or click download link.

5. Sliding the 3 introduction picture and click enter app.

6. Now you can use your register username to login and password you set. Lastly key in the 4 digits verification code as show in the right hand side.

7. Login

8. You can download registration guide here in pdf file.