S Block Marketing plan for active user

Besides passive user who don’t want to promote or recruit affiliates, we have passive income for the user to make money (profit sharing) 6% to 15% per month.

  1. Passive income: 6% to 15% per month.
  2. Active user income = passive income + active affiliate income
Active user: Affiliate commission : 15X15 marketing plan (you can place more than 15 direct user in horizontal because you earn 100% from what they earn daily)

1st level your direct recruit user: 100% you get what they earn daily. Strategy: recruit 15 direct referral in horizontal placement.

2nd level to 10 level: You get 10% of the passive income they earn daily. Vertical placement.

Level 11 – 15: 5% matching ROI

P/S: Only user who enable master Staking quantitative arbitrage system can earn both active and passive income. To activate master staking, the wallet need minimum USD$10 value of selected individual crypto currencies only.


For example you got TWO direct referrals (horizontal placement), you can get commission until TWO level deep (vertical).

For example you got THREE direct referrals (horizontal placement), you can get commission until THREE level deep (vertical).

For example you got FOUR direct referrals (horizontal placement), you can get commission until FOUR level deep (vertical).

and so on until level 15.

Community Reward: Big Money is here to go

Ranking: Planet, Star, Galaxy and Universal

How to become a Planet, Star, Galaxy and Universe Ranking?
Answer: Planet: The market value S Key/total performance of these team of partners (within 15 layers) reaches total 200,000 US dollars. AND Direct sponsor minimum 15 users. Benefits: extra 5% bonus from the group.

Star: 3 planets exist in 3 different lines within 15 levels. Benefits: extra 10% bonus ROI from the group

Galaxy: There are 3 STAR in 3 different lines within 15 layers. Benefits: extra 15% bonus from the group

Universe: 3 Galaxy appear in 3 different lines within 15 levels. Benefits: Global 15% ROI + 5% Universe reward.

Same Ranking Rewards (Extra benefits)

For 1st level only. For example In first level got 2 planets, you get 3% same ranking reward.

If 1st level got 2 Star users, you get 3% reward

If 1st level got two Galaxy or two Universe users, you get 3% reward.