S Block Dubai Convention, September 20, 2019

SBLOCK: One: Switzerland’s business license, as well as Malta and the United States, the platform currency sbo is certified by Malta. Second: the server is – Panda, Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon International, etc., so the network security is top protection. Third: In China, the fire currency has been supported and supervised by the government, and it has also been successfully listed on the backdoor. Therefore, digital currency transactions are legal, and individuals holding digital currencies are also legally recognized as personal legal assets. Four: Strategic Cooperation – In cooperation with China UnionPay, the launch of the sblock UnionPay card. The first batch of UnionPay cards will be issued to each applicant during the Dubai 920 conference. In addition to working with MasterCard and Visa Cards of the World Credit Card Center, credit cards are being introduced five: In addition to the previous Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and usdt can be quantified in the wallet; new fire currency platform currency ht, OK exchange platform currency okb And DASI coins, once again prove that the authenticity of SBLOCK is more and more powerful! Six: SBLOCK ATM machine has been put into various countries

S BLOCK in the country of the rich – Dubai. Today, September 20, 2019 S BLOCK Dubai Conference opens at Festival Arena by InterContinental!! 现场 The crowds on the scene are like mountains. The conference is close to 3,500 people from many different countries. The big coffee and users gather together to launch the S BLOCK Starwall 2.0 version, witnessing the reform of the digital age!! ️ Regardless of whether you are at the scene today, remember to stay in the L community, we will report the scene to everyone!! 抢To buy Plan Flash today, you will get 20% more revenue. How can the lightning plan help you create wealth? The Lightning Plan divides the data processor into eight levels, each of which can be rented, and can be profitable by processing data such as images and sounds.

5 steps to download the processor easily: Step 1: Register for the Lightning Plan account Step 2: Activate the account in S BLOCK Wallet, log in to the Lightning Plan account and view the home page Step 3: Set the trading password and view the global network fourth Step: Select the fifth step of the node: rent the processor good news! Good news! The official version of the Lightning Plan App will be released at the 920 Dubai Conference. Everyone will download and participate in today’s limited time to buy, because today’s processor is 20% more profitable! The heart is not as good as action, so download it quickly.

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