Plan Flash project start to all my team members

  1. Please read carefully each points below that I mentioned. Why sblock wallet master staking quantitative project that we joined stop? This is due to phase 1 SBO token already finished distributed as plan. So, Phase 1: quantitative finished. Now Phase 2 Plan Flash (PF) which can make more money. Use our SBO earn in quantitative staking to join PF.
  2. Your whole team will be move from sblock wallet to Plan flash on October 29 12pm Singapore time. Your team are allow to activate PF in 7 days (till October 5,2019). Important: Member need to activate plan flush using “two SBO token” within 7 days.
  3. Thus, as yesterday announcement, your initial capital in sblock wallet (your btc, eth …deposit) already convert to USDS (please scroll down asset page to search USDS). From USDS swap / convert to SBO as soon as possible.
  4. On October 29, around 12pm Singapore time, your whole group in sblock master staking will move to PF automatically. All the team leaders encourage their team members use two SBO to activate PF. Why join PF? this is because firstly it is more profitable. Secondly, SBO price will be higher and higher because will destroy plenty of SBO token and estimate next year 2020 April 1, SBO = USD450. Hooray please keep your SBO token. Final price we predict will be USD1000 above. Note: We based on sBlock Quantum Leap project estimate the price.
  5. After activate Plan Flash using 2 SBO token, user can login with same sblock username just in front add “s”. For example your sblock username is 12345678, so just key in s1234578. Thats it.
  6. On November 8, 2019 Plan flash start. On November 15, OTC trading P2P start for those who don’t want to join Plan flash to sell their sbo token. However transaction fee is 60%. Or else On December 1, 2019, SBO listed on WBFex. You can sell SBO in the exchange. The price is unknown. In conclusion, your sbo cannot sell before November 15. On November 15 you can sell on otc. After December 1, you can sell on exchange.
  7. Plan flash will give revenue in PF token which will be list on WBFex exchange for you to sell.
  8. I will update if got any news. Stay tunes.