Plan Flash PF FAQ

[QP1] Can mainstream coins and SBOs be deposited into plan flash? Is there any difference in the way to enter?
The main cryptocurrency can be deposit into PF plan flash. To change sbo to plan flash, you need to bind or activate the sbo account with the plan flash in the sbo wallet before you can enter PF.

[QP2] What is the benefits of the lightning plan (Plan Flash PF) in a short period of time? For example, what is the percentage of revenue for passive users ?
Plan flash is not a financial model, but a real artificial intelligence project. The processor revenue depends on the number of processing tasks received and the unit price. The official website can see the revenue browser on
At present, the community has a lot of investment analysis that you can refer. In general, long-term rents can now significantly increase revenues because long-term processing tasks are often long-lasting (such as more than 100 days to process), and there are fewer long-term processors in the market.

[QP3] The lightning plan minimum investment 10 dollars?
No. The current processor price of the lightning plan is 3sbo/day (current price $21.21 per sbo and increasing everyday). After the version 2.0 is online, it will be priced with pfc.

[QP4] Is there a clear ratio of the benefits of the lightning plan PF?
The benefits of the lightning plan are open to all to see. From the current statistics, the average is higher compare sbo wallet. Around 9-10%/month, and the long-term user income can reach 20%-30%/month.

[QP5] Participate in the lightning plan, can you always go out at any time, is there any requirement for deposit?
Participate in lightning, rent a processor is like renting a house which rental can not be returned, but the benefits are considerable! Every day you can withdraw your revenue.

[QP6] For example, my 20-dollar sbo joins the lightning plan, and it rises to 25 dollars sbo. Will the total investment of my lightning plan increase? In other words, will my income increase?
Plan flash 2.0 will use the fixed number of pfc as the rent of the processor. If the price of sbo increases, the amount of sbo spent on the rent will be relatively small. When the proceeds are settled, the settlement will be based on the sbo price at the time of settlement, and the unit price of the sbo at the time of the lease will be capped.
SBO price is $20 when using SBO rental processor
Phenomenon 1: At the time of settlement, if the SBO price is $18, the SBO price will be settled at $18;
Phenomenon 2: At the time of settlement, if the SBO price is $25, it will be settled at S20 according to the SBO price;
The proceeds will be automatically converted into PFC coins and deposited into the user’s account at the current PFC price.

[QP7] How do SBOs in all SBO small accounts participate in the lightning plan?
There is no quota limit now, sbo can go to plan flash to deposit, 3 sbo can open a day of rental!

[QP8] Lightning plan, how many sbos need to start
3 sbo / one day, the longer the lease period, the greater the return

[QP9] Can you arrange an air lecture to explain the operation details of PF? Need to take care of different languages in China and overseas communities.
A large number of videos about specific issues or topics of plan flash 2.0 will be launched in the near future and will be widely distributed in the community. There will be translations in different languages. Care for Chinese and overseas communities.

[QP10] Requires a roadmap that describes important events on each time node and details the currency changes for deposits and proceeds at the point in time
At present, plan flash deposit can use sbo btc eth usdt, the income is also the original currency.
On November 8th, the new ato deposit will be added, and the proceeds will be standardized as PFC.

[QP11] The income of pf can be said to be 6% to 15% per month, but is it calculated according to the processor and the rental time?
Refer to QP2 and QP4

[QP12] Can you say that plan flash income is at least how much per month?
Referring to QP2, although the current income is generally high, it does not fix at least how much monthly income.

[QP13] Is there still a month to get back the money? I am not sure what I think is, for example, you are now renting 1000 dollars for a month but you are getting pfc, pfc 0.1 USD starts, maybe one month After that, you only get the pfc worth 700 dollars, but the price of pfc has been rising. After two months, your pfc may be worth 1400 dollars – is this my guess not correct? Because the daily income is brought back by the company.
It is correct. After the lightning 2.0 uses PFC to distribute the proceeds, the user can actually enjoy two benefits, one is the revenue of the processor, and the other is the gain from the PFC value-added!
As for the understanding that the daily income is the best way to get back, it is also OK, because the investment model of plan flash is very similar to real estate, first of all, you have to pay rent, and then get the income, “your capital” and “profit” everyday.

[QP14] When the sbo is directly transferred to another person’s pf account on November 8th, is it a deposit? Is there a sbo at the time that can’t be exchanged in the wallet?
Sbo can only transfer to the corresponding plan flash account (for those users who are mapped from sbo at the beginning of when they are activated in the sbo wallet, or the plan flash account that was previously bound. In the plan flash, sbo cannot interchangeable.

[QP15] Is the new plan flash processor daily 3sbo or 3usd?
No, plan flash 2.0 will use PFC to price processor daily fees, and the initial pricing is expected to be similar to 3 sbo.

[QP16] plan flash 2.0 If you rent a server with a currency other than PFC, what is the price fluctuation of these coins?
In plan flash 2.0, users who use SBO, ATO, FTO, BTC, ETH, and USDT rental processors will be converted to the required PFC according to the price of the lease. Every day when the settlement proceeds, it is settled at the current currency price and capped at the rental unit price.
BTC price is $7000 when using BTC rental processor
Phenomenon 1: At the time of settlement, if the BTC price is $6000, it will be settled at a price of $6000 according to the BTC price;
Phenomenon 2: At the time of settlement, if the BTC price is $8000, it will be settled at a price of $7000 according to the BTC price;
The proceeds will be automatically converted into PFC coins and deposited into the user’s account at the current PFC price.

[QB] Plan Flash System Related Issues
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[QB1] The bonus system of the lightning plan is very similar to the sbo wallet. What are the highlights?
The same as the sbo wallet system framework, the threshold is lower, the upgrade is faster, and the highest level is 5% more reward! Another original sbo organization can be activated, a great opportunity not to be missed!

[QB2] How to get the lightning plan system, do you have courseware?
Yes, it has been sent to various leaders.

[QB3] In the system of plan flash, how many people are directly pushed, is the calculation level 1 not a direct push?
In the calculation, all the requirements related to direct push are as long as the user is a computing power level 1 (at least one processor is rented).

[QB4] The smart center incentive in the scheme flash system, the requirement to directly push 15 people is to require everyone to rent more than 301usd per day?
No, it is required to have a daily rent of more than 301usd; 15 people who push directly, as long as it is at least level 1

[QB5] The smart center incentive in the scheme flash system requires that its daily rent is greater than 301usd. It is not about 10,000 usd in a month. Is the requirement high?
The proceeds can be used for re-investment. Now the plan flash revenue is quite impressive. If you can start to get the smart center incentives, the monthly income is already very high. It is not difficult to re-invest in income. Don’t understand that you need so much new deposits every month.

[QB6] The dividend system is all profit, but each processor has a return cycle. Is there no dividend before it is profitable?
No, the calculation is based on the profit of each day, according to the income of the day – the rent of the day = the profit of the day

[QS] Plan Flash Activates the original SBO wallet organization chart Related issues
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[QS1] Map the organization chart of the sbo wallet, do not need to do other operations, automatically come over?
Yes, the organization chart does not need other operations, it is all mapped, but in order to generate revenue for the leader in this organization chart, you need to activate the user in sbo.

[QS2] Map the organization chart of the sbo wallet, each user has to pay 2sbo to activate, how to do this user without 2sbo?
Mapping the organization chart of the sbo wallet, the most important thing is to map the backbone of the organization, these people must have 2sbo
The newcomer is directly registered in the lightning and scans the code to determine the relationship. It is the same.
Or you can also refer to QS11

[QS3] Mapping the organization chart of the sbo wallet, some people learn to operate faster than me, will there be a risk of grabbing the line?
The organization mapped from sbo will not have the possibility of grabbing the line because the superior sponsor will directly use the sbo side.
Because it is sbo, copy the account directly (the original account name is added in front of s)
Now the person who scans the code in the plan flash is actually the same as the new organization that made another new account.

[QS4] Where can I see which accounts are activated in the network?
Can be seen on a dedicated platform, there will be around November 1

[QS5] If I have a subordinate, he is not willing or can’t get 2sbo to activate this line is broken?
This line will not break, but his node will not be able to make a profit contribution.

[QS6] DAO community is merged. If the new member wants to spend 2SBO to activate the network that was originally used by SBlock, it can’t be realized now, because SBO is now completely locked (unable to exchange before November 15th, second exchange, etc.), And there is time limit for mapping the network, how to resolve this contradiction?
On November 6th, the original principal will be converted into usds, and usds can be flashed into sbo. Before the deposit is definitely enough for 2 sbo, there will be no such problem.

[QS7] Users who have previously leased servers can not be included in the mapped network after mapping the network. That is, online users do not have the benefits of this part?
In order to ensure that the rules are fair and clear, the users and nets mapped from the sbo side are independent of the users in the original plan flash, which can be understood as two lines.

[QS8] Users who have multiple S Block accounts, and some of them have already been linked to PF accounts. How to deal with them?
The user mapped on the sbo side is independent of the user in the original plan flash. The two users can be considered as unrelated. The binding only depends on which original sbo account is used to deposit the sbo.

[QS9] I logged in to the user who was mapped to the original sbo. I also saw the balance yesterday. How did I log in today?
Unlike the sbo wallet, the plan flash username is case sensitive, meaning that sViva and sviva are not a user. Your situation may be to confuse your two users with different capitalizations.

[QS10] If there is no 2 sbo in the offline account, can you directly register the plan flash with the invitation code on the line and then bind the user of sbo, then you don’t have to pay 2sbo. is it?
Map activation is mainly to bring the user’s organizational relationship in sbo to the plan flash. With this method, the user’s original sbo organization relationship cannot be activated. It can only be viewed as a new plan flash user.

[QS11] sbo can’t transfer SBO in the wallet, in fact, because many members have a lot of trumpet, then the trumpet has developed the subordinate; they are now combined with the trumpet sbo, if they can’t exchange their trumpet sbo, it will be useless. And can’t turn it; some trumpet has no SBO, and you can’t activate it. How to do it?
The principal before the trumpet should be converted to usds, and the usds can be converted to sbo and then activated.

[QS12] I used to have a lot of card slots. If you want to activate 2sbo for each trumpet, the cost is too high. Is there any solution?
If you want to get the rewards for these small numbers, you must definitely activate them, because if you don’t activate them, these small numbers can’t rent the processor, and there is no profit. If you just want to maintain the organizational relationship of these trumpet, so that you can continue to line up, then there is no problem, even if it is not activated, it will not be disconnected.

[QS13] I activated the original sbo organization to plan flash. Is the newly created organization in the plan flash 2sbo?
No need to create an organization by filling in the invitation code in the plan flash app, at no cost.

[QS14] After I activated sbo, in the plan flash app, when I set the password by forgetting the password, why can’t I enter the “-” and “_” in the user name, and the last few digits in my username can’t be entered?
Please update the plan flash app to the latest version and you will be able to solve it.

[QF] Plan Flash PFC Coin Related Questions
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[QF1] When is the PFC coin of the plan flash on the line? Can you switch to each other?
PFC will be online in the plan flash 2.0 app on November 8th. PFC can be transferred between users, directly in the plan flash app.

[QF2] Lightning plan proceeds to PFC coins, can you cash out at any time?
Is the otc community or platform trade fair to ensure smooth cash flow

[QF3] Before the lightning plan rented the server, the time is over 

What is the return of any currency or PF?
Revenue is still in the original currency before November 8th, and unified as PFC after November 8th.

[QF4] Will the PFC coming out of the new lightning plan be different because of the price fluctuation of the PFC?
Yes, as the price of PFC increases, the PFC that the processor proceeds will be less.

[QF5] Which channels can produce pfc?
PFC can only be generated by renting a processor in the plan flash to generate revenue. There is no other way to generate it, so don’t worry about it.

[QF6] Can PFC be exchanged for WT and then traded to the mainstream currency such as btc eth?
Yes, because pfc can be otc traded into a lot of coins, wt is one of them; with wt you can trade directly to wbfex

[QF7] Can the earned pfc be re-invested (renewed)?
Re-investment is OK, and processors that use pfc leases usually have higher revenues; however, be aware that if you are a processor leased by another currency, you cannot renew the contract directly with pfc, you need a new lease.

[QF8] PFC mining difficulty increases, it can be understood that the more people participate in the currency, the more difficult it is to dig?
It can be understood as such, but a more accurate understanding is that as the processor throughput increases, the difficulty of PFC generation will increase, and the PFC generated by the processor will be less in the same situation, so PFC is getting more and more valuable.

[QT] Plan Flash Accepts ATO related issues
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[QT1] Is the three-time out of DAO already obsolete?
The ato generated by DAO can be entered into a single plan flash from November 8th. The plan flash has no dynamic 3 times out of the game. The revenue is not capped!

[QT2] Is there any loophole for the DAO community to switch to SBO after getting the ATO? How is the platform controlled?
Without such a channel, the ato generated by DAO can enter the single plan flash from November 8th.

[QT3] Is there a triple out of the ATO deposit plan flash?
Plan flash has no dynamic static 3 times out of the game, the income is not capped

[QT4] Is there a difference between ATO deposit and sbo or is it different? When can I enter the plan flash?
There is no difference between the deposit method and sbo. On November 8th, it can be imported with plan flash 2.0.

[QC] SBO Wallet Related Questions
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[QC1] Need to explain the SBlock App network, transfer network, and the way of the subsequent network. If PF is used to drain the network, is S Block no longer used to develop the network?
In the plan flash, the net body, according to the current plan flash system, should be a higher income option.

[QC2] sbo wallet, can the principal be followed up, if you don’t participate in the lightning plan now, how to withdraw money?
After December 1st, the principal will be followed up, and you will not be able to participate in the lightning exchanges at any time!

[QC3] Now the sbo in the sbo wallet does not explain how to withdraw cash. This is the topic that everyone cares most.
Can not be traded before November 15th, after the 15th otc intraday trading, after December 1st, the exchange will be trading at any time!

[QC4] How does sbo go to the exchange fee?
60% is only 60% of the handling fee charged for the on-the-spot transaction of the 11.5-12.1 urgent need to realize the sale of SBO, of which 17.5% furnace, the other is the dynamic bonus distribution!
After December 1st, the normal fee will be charged according to the platform!

[QC5] What is the future use of the SBlock App? If the quantification is gone, the net body is not used anymore, what does it do?
Still providing digital asset custodial services

[QC6] How to calculate AMC triple out?
According to 1:1 conversion usds, there is no 3 times out of the game, participate in lightning sustainable income!
After November 6th, you can buy arp and synthesize ato at 50%amc+50% cash, and participate directly in Lightning 2.0 on the 8th!