Official announcement by S Block

The S BLOCK Foundation will unlock the S BLOCK Wallet functions progressively over next 3 days:

Day 1 (15.06.2019)
Unlocked functions :

  1. Wallet user registration
  2. Deposit function
  3. Withdrawal function (within the S BLOCK users)
  4. Activation of “S-KEY”
  5. Referral invitation via username
  6. View assets and staking history
  7. View “My Profile”

** Users may begin with account registration and understand the basic function of S BLOCK wallet
** Users are given sufficiency of time to transfer cryptocurrencies (i.e. BTC, ETH and LTC) from other crypto wallets into our S BLOCK Wallet.

Day 2 (16.06.2019)
Unlocked functions :

  1. Users “Identity Authentication”
  2. Change Account Password
  3. Change Transaction Password
  4. Swap function
  5. View on S-Key Revenue breakdown
  6. View on Community breakdown

** Users may experience the S-Key revenue and view on community activities
** Users may perform coin swapping of SBO
** Users may update their personal identity information to enhance the protection of personal data and assets

Day 3 (17.06.2019)
Unlocked functions :

  1. Withdrawal function (to other cryptocurrency wallets)

** Users may now withdraw their coins to other crypto wallets, if any, after their user accounts have been verified and approved by the management.

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