How to deposit crypto into S Block wallet and activate Master Staking

  1. Go to asset page and click the logo of the desired crypto you would like to deposit into wallet.
  2. Click deposit icon and the deposit address and bar code will appears.
  3. click copy and paste into 3rd outside wallet that you want to withdraw cryptos.
  4. Waiting for crypto arrive to your wallet “Asset page”. It depends on individual network process speed.
  5. When deposit arrive, move to S-Key page in your app.

How to activate Master Staking?

  1. Click S Key page then click Master Staking
  2. Enter the amount in USD (not quantity)
  3. Note: The amount shall be 10 multiply. This means that 300, 310, 320…..
  4. Click activate.
  5. Check your amount in asset had been minus or reduced.
  6. Cut off time is Singapore time 5am. You will get revenue sharing if you deposit before 5am Singapore time.

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