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SBO Token mobile

S Block SBO Token is an online mobile wallet to store your crypto currency with profit sharing concept.

SBO token wallet is like and online wallet. However our super wallet will let you earn interest (profit sharing concept). 6-15% monthly profit allocate to your wallet. The quantitative trading and arbitrage system handling by Wall Street FUND3, Besides, the S Pay card, POS machine, Interstellar ATM, wormhole protocol, masternodes mining pool income and DApp will share certain percentage with the users.

What is SBO Token Wallet?

S Block token multi-currency wallet allow users to store 4 major crypto coins: Bitcoin, ethereum, , Litecoin, and USDT. The wallet have multi layers of crypto security protection. The Swiss team’s are specialist in blockchain technology cross chain technology and mining technology.

The technical team of SBO token takes the user’s safety as the first thing and provides a safe and comfortable using environment for global users. Full time security team with full responsibility: The members are coming from Swiss and Israel block chain field.

Fee structure:

Inter wallet exchange fee 2%: SBO to BTC or ETH (uni direction). Exchange fee No maximum limit as long as minimum is higher than exchange fee.

Withdrawal fee (out of wallet)


BTC = 0.0005 btc

ETH = 0.015 ETH

LTC = 0.015 LTC

USDT = 0.10 – 3% / transaction

Withdrawal no maximum limit (no locking) as long as minimum is higher than withdrawal fee.

Why Token Price continue UP?

Token Eco Circle: Demand of SBO Token continuously increase caused token price increase. Below are various types of demand:

  1. Exchange fee 0.2%
  2. Payment processor S Pay fee
  3. International Remittance (pay with SBO)
  4. Mining machine POS (use SBO Token buy)
  5. Global business application – S Pay ATM machine
  6. Cryptocurrency loan income
  7. Quantitative trading income
  8. Masternodes income
  9. Miner fee (use SBO token pay
  10. S Card (Master and Visa)

The SBO Token Wallet DApp APPS

Latest rewards distribution time: Swiss Time (GMT+2)

  1. Daily rewards cut off time: 12am
  2. Rewards distribution:

Personal quantitative rewards + referral rewards + 2 – 6am

Group rewards + same level rewards: 6 – 10am

Above time: Switzerland time (GMT+2)

S Block wallet

S Block token wallet team income sources:

  • Quantitative Arbitrage trading bot’s profit and Masternodes income (Note: Minimum deposit USD10 worth of the above coin (per coin type) in order to activate S Key.
  • Minimum USD300 per coin type to get group reward and community rewars
  • Remittance business worldwide
  • Masternodes(POS) Mining income
  • Payment processor S Pay ATM
  • Token exchange
  • Token financing mortgage
  • DApp
  • S Card (Master and Visa), S Pos’s fees

Conclusion: S Block works like an online banking system in blockchain.

How to earn? SBO token wallet

Hooray! Instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in SBO token mobile wallet to gain profit. This can reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token down in the marketplace. When the coin market price increase, you will gain more than others.

For example you keep one bitcoin in the wallet, you will get USD650 per month average if the price of bitcoin is USD6500. If you refer a friend to join with one bitcoin too, you will get what she earn 100%. In this case he will get $650 per month and you will get $650 per month too ( 1st level direct line).

Please take note that minimum USD10+ worth of token or maximum USD50,000 shall put into the wallet in order to take the profit sharing, referral program and more. Otherwise, it is just the normal wallet like and coinpayments.

Please remember the cut off time is 12am (GMT+2). If you deposit before 12am (Switzerland time), you will get pay the next day. How to check payment arrive? Click the Earnings icon in S Key section and click Rewards icon. Touch screen up and down to referesh the app. Earnings calculation will appear first and asset will be update later after all earnings being input to the system.

SBO Token wallet Price

Rewards summary

S Key Interstellar

OUR ROADMAP Switzerland S Block

Development planning

2019 March – S Block Planning.

2019 May – On Chain wallet service online.

2019 June – Road Show.

2019 JUne – Strategic exchange online and link with s Block

2019 Oct – SBO token listed in WBF cryptocurrency exchange.

2019 Dec – DUSD stable coin online.

FUND3 Wall Street

Rewards Program

Powered by a Team Our Strength

  1. Quantitative trading world class team 2) Latest technology multi currency wallet. multi layer protection. 3) 6% – 15% revenue sharing monthly 4) Strong motivated team 5) Sponsor revenue 100% for direct sponsor members and 10% for level 2 – 10  ; 5% for level 11 -15 .
  2. Market Plan for active user who want to make money. Click HERE
S BlockToken Team
Quantitative trading by Fund3
S Block President
President Mr Ivan Bolonikhin

token mining machine calculator Live

Foundation members

S Block Community

S Block Community

S Block Community

Token Historical Price Trend
㊙ SBO Token Price Historical Trend
2019.06.15 $ 1.00 (Global Launch)
2019.06.16 $ 1.02
2019.06.17 $ 1.07
2019.06.19 $1.137
2019.06.20 $1.172
2019.06.21 $1.206
2019.06.22 $1.243
2019.06.23 $1.320
2019.06.24 $1.384
2019.06.25 $1.432
2019.06.26 $1.477
2019.06.27 $1.528
2019.06.29 $1.622
2019.07.01 $1.773
2019.07.02 $1.827
2019.07.11 $2.212
2019.07.20 $2.616
2019.07.23 $2.739
2019.08.04 $3.162
2019.08.20 $3.800
2019.09.17 $5.245
2019.09.23 $5.672
2019.10.11 $6.86
201910.23 $10.55
Token Price at Uptrend. 📈📈📈
The SBO token is expect to have more than 30x – 50x to grow this year. All this pofits or dividends will share to S Block users. As long as you save your money in the wallet, you will enjoy the profits. The results are beyond imagination!

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